Welcome to Bright accommodation at its best

Trailblazer opened at Easter 2018. We are excited to be able to share our home with you. Thanks for dropping by.

What’s with the adventure theme?

You are looking at them right on the middle of the coffee table. The adventure killers. Anyone with small kids knows that the best adventures get put on hold for a number of years until they can keep up.

We wanted to surround ourselves with all the things we love most about adventure and getting out there as we sat at home putting small people to bed. Sigh. Don’t let us hold you back though! We have packed our house with all the inspiration you need to get out and experience nature. We are just embracing the small adventures and loving it! We LOVE our house because it reminds us of all the things we will be able to get out and do again when the girls are just a bit bigger. Perhaps you are in the same place?

What makes Trailblazer special?

Trailblazer is our family’s home away from home. It’s not just someone’s  investment property. It’s been set up with love and is the place our family comes to every couple of weeks to reconnect with nature and each other. Does it matter? Well not really but if you have small people, they will appreciate our 2- and 5-year old’s toys and library they have left to share with your kids. You’ll also like the little things like tie down straps on the TV.  We have games and books for all ages but its the little people that are best catered for — and the mums — the kitchen is set up beautifully for cooking with kids. Eating out at night is often just not a great idea so our kitchen has every appliance you need for a beautiful night in.

Whilst we are perfect family accommodation, we do have enough luxury for a fabulous girls weekend away. If it’s a guys weekend Bright accommodation — the barbie is great and Woolworths does some great salads my husband reckons — the potato salad.

Whether you are a family or a group of friends getting out for an adventure, we are confident that you will love Trailblazer and look forward to having you stay with us.

Mel, Craig, Ashley and Eva