Bright Victoria - Property Owner Secrets to Getting the Best Price for your Holiday

How can you make sure you are paying the best price? The answer isn't Trivago...

Finding out your paid over $180 more than you needed to on a 4 day getaway to Bright Victoria will take the edge off your holiday every time.
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Secret 1 – Deal directly with the Owners or the Property Managers for the best best holiday deals in Bright Victoria

It’s a no brainer but we learnt the hard way for our first stay in Bright. We paid our money on Stayz who then put us in touch with the property manager. That’s when we heard – “Oh you should have come to us. It’s always cheaper on our website. Sigh. That was $200 that could have been spent elsewhere.

There’s a couple of major,specialist holiday property managers in Bright Victoria. A great place to start is Bright Escapes.

Bright Escapes have secured the trust of over 100 holiday property owners in Bright and have the largest share of the properties in town. They also have the largest team in Bright, managing their guests, homes and information centre. Bright Escapes are well set up to cater for all budgets with their holiday homes. They are so confident in what they do that they freely allow properties such as ours to market and make their own bookings.

Top Tip – You may find there is a way through Google Maps or Google Search to get direct access to the property owner for the that the house you have fallen in love with. That’s your best opportunity for that holiday deal you were hoping for.

Prices should be more or less comparable with the property managers however keep reading for the sorts of deals you could find by dealing with the property owner. Your property owner is the decision maker and the one with the vested interest in having their property tenanted.

Secret 2 – Call the property owner, don’t email them.

Emails are easy but relationships come out of phone calls. If they are like us at Trailblazer, they love their holiday home and genuinely want to share it with you. When you speak to the actual property owner, they get a sense of who you are and you get a sense of who they are – that’s your opportunity to get the best price or deal. An email is impersonal so not your best option. You will get accommodation with an email, not a deal.

Secret 3 – Target new properties for rental in Bright Victoria- they are probably the ones low on reviews

60% of bookings are repeat customers in Bright. People find a place that they like and come back to it year after year. A new property is going to do whatever it takes to fill their books and get known. That’s your opportunity right there for the best deal. They are the places with the gaps in the calendar that you can fill!

Secret 4 – Let the property owner know if you are a regular or a first timer in Bright Victoria

Given that 60% of bookings are repeat customers in Bright, the property owner is going to want you to fall in love with their place and return again next year. You and reviews are important to them. Property owners can reward loyalty and word of mouth marketing. Support them and they can support you in your future visits or your friends.

Secret 5 – Ask if they have a mailing list for last minute specials

If you are a Bright regular, then get yourself on their mailing list for the weekends the house is available. You could get a 3 night stay for the price of 2 one week out. We all need those last minute getaways sometimes.

Secret 6 – Get onto their website to look at their calendar. If there is an odd shape gap then have a go at filling it for them!

You may get a extra day cheaper because you are filling a hole for them.

Secret 7 – Be flexible in what the best deal could look like

If you are booking for 2 night’s over a weekend, you have Buckley’s for negotiation. Reality is that the house will probably stand vacant for the week and you have given them 2 nights accommodation over the peak part of the week. That will be eaten up with property manager commissions, hefty cleaning bills, hefty laundry bills plus everything else they paid out that week just to have the property available – internet, insurances, rates, water… If you are looking for a deal, then plan to stay longer.


For guests that stay for 4 nights Рits easy to add an extra night at a reduced rate because all the basics have been taken care of. 

Guests that leave the weekends clear can also get a better deal because there is an opportunity for the owner to book it out twice in the week.You may not get a reduced price but you definitely could get a longer stay!

You may get an early check in if the calendar allows and basically secure an extra day.

There is lots that a property owner can do if your booking is long enough for them to cover costs and don’t underestimate what your review is worth to them.

Key questions

1. Do you know how to find the property owner or property manager?
2. Do you know how to avoid getting tricked on their Google Business site by paying a 3rd party instead of the owner?

Tips coming soon. It’s not hard but its definitely worth it! Look out for our next post.

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